Expansıon of Lustre

Turkey is one of the largest textiles producing countries in the world and the biggest textile supplier to Europe. Lustre was able to build a strong reputation in Turkey with its unmatched quality and consistency even in high-speed machines with huge volumes, proving the high performance of our inks.

As nearby countries started to see Lustre’s success in Turkey, we have been able to replicate this accomplishment and be the leader in every market we entered in a short period of time, making our expansion not only rapid but successful and enduring. Now Lustre is ready to take the next stage to be a key global player in the digital printing market.

A Success Story of 23 Years…

Lustre Digital Inks plays an important role in the digital sublimation printing market as we have exclusively focused on the production of premium quality sublimation inks with outstanding performance for the emerging digital textile markets.

Lustre adopts a strategy of developing new technologies to support innovative business growth. Lustre continues to lead the way with distributors globally carrying products to world leaders and inventors in their respective fields, as we are the preferred partner for those seeking consistent quality and reliability as well as cost benefit ratio in sublimation printing market.

Knowhow and Support

Quality, reliability and consistency come from decades of dedicated development. We work hard day-by-day going deep into each process step to maintain our high-standard reliability criteria. We have a strict quality control system which includes strongest and vigorous testing in every stage of production from the entrance of raw materials to packaging of the final product. Quality and reliability are a matter of details. Each raw material and production process have certificate of analysis in our quality control sys-tem and they proceed by confirming the target specifications of products. Production and R&D team continuously cooperate with major raw material suppliers, high technology production machine and test equipment suppliers in order to produce innovative and high-quality products.

The Lustre philosophy of continuous investment in the newest technologies regarding the production, research and development keep excellence in digital printing technology. With a focus on print-head compatibility, Lustre Digital has developed solutions for a wide variety of printheads, such as Epson, Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Starfire. Lustre operates globally with its own organization of sales, training and technical assistance which is renowned for its long-standing partnerships in the industry. This is the natural result of investments made in R&D and customer service in the long term.

Come and benefit from Lustre’s integrated power, expertise, quality and other possibilities that work in your favour in the communication of your brand.