Dıgıtal Ink Chemistry

Lustre’s unique formulations and high-quality dispersions and production processes enable the creation of high performance inkjet inks.

Exceptional Stability Features
•High Fluid Stability
•Long shelf life
•High purity
•Narrow particle size distribuiton

Ink Consistency
Lustre’s enduring success and customer satisfaction in each market that our products have entered is the proof of our consistency.

We owe our consistency to our high precision manufacturing technology, high class raw material suppliers and quality control system. In Lustre, each production lot has a certificate of analysis and all specifications of product characteristics are checked by our quality control team.

Prıntheads Performance

With our high-quality inks you can experience extraordinary stability that doesn’t damage your printhead. Our inks minimize the nozzle blockages and the risk of damage in high-speed inkjet systems. Lustre’s sublimation inks surprised the market with better performance of printhead lifetime, jetting stability in the long term among the major sublimation ink producers and provides the highest satisfaction regarding stability and printhead lifetime.

Intense & Vıvıd Colors

High-density sublimation ink exceptionally improves print quality on polyester for outstanding prints. Explore the intense and vivid colors of our inks in every print. Lustre’s high-density inks also decrease the ink consumption in your productions.